Benefits Of Regular Plumbing Inspections In Corona Del Mar, CA


Living without clean, fresh running water sounds pretty primitive in this day and age, but if you neglect your home’s or business’s plumbing system, you might find yourself dealing with just that problem. The benefits of regular plumbing inspections in Corona del Mar, CA can’t be overstated—not only will you catch problems before they become a time-consuming issue, but you’ll save money in repairs when you keep up with your maintenance. Even small leaks can cause thousands of dollars of damage to the rest of your building—it’s better to catch them right away.

What A Preventative Inspection Includes

Preventative inspections don’t just look for leaks—they inspect and evaluate each part of your plumbing system in order to spot any potential problems before they happen. For example, your plumber will look for issues with the water pressure, which can indicate leaks or damage to your fixtures. They’ll also check your sinks and tubs for clogs and blockages, look at constantly-running toilets and inspect major appliances like your dishwasher or washing machine. If there are any issues with these appliances or fixtures wasting water, the plumber will fix them or make appropriate recommendations.

If you have a filtration system, the plumber will inspect it along with your pipes and shutoff valves. If you need to replace your filters or pipes, catching problems early is key to keeping costs low. Many plumbers will use drain cameras to check your pipes for clogs, obstructions, and other problems.

Here’s a closer look at why you need regular plumbing inspections in Corona del Mar, CA:

  • Keep your plumbing up to date: Over time, leaks, clogs, and other issues can seriously affect the quality of your plumbing system, which means more repairs and potentially replacing parts or entire sections of your plumbing. When you regularly inspect your plumbing, your system will last longer and give better results overall.
  • Get better water flow: If you’ve noticed that your water flow is less than stellar these days, it could be due to clogs or mineral buildup, depending on your municipal water quality and content. When you get regular plumbing inspections, you can count on catching any clogs or buildup before they become a major issue.
  • Keep your water bills low: Constantly-running toilets, inefficient appliances, and pipe leaks can add up to a large water bill. Have you been noticing increased usage even though your habits haven’t changed? It’s time to call a plumber to help check for any issues.
  • Avoid mold and mildew: When your pipes leak, the chances of your home developing mold or mildew skyrocket. Mold and mildew are especially bad for allergy and asthma sufferers, but no one enjoys dealing with them—and certain types of mold are hazardous to everyone’s health.

Keeping your plumbing in a great working condition depends on scheduling regular plumbing inspections in Corona del Mar, CA. Need a great plumber? Call McKeown Plumbing today. We’ve been helping the coastal Orange County area maintain its plumbing for over 45 years, and look forward to working with you soon.

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