Hydro Jetting

Hydro Jetting Services in Laguna Beach

A Chemical-Free Way to Clean Out Your Drains

Are you looking for a fast, non-toxic way to clean out your drains? Our hydro jetting services are just what you need! Using just clean, chemical-free water, the hydro jetting technicians at McKeown Plumbing, Inc. can power through even the toughest clogs, leaving your drains and pipes completely clean. The entire process is fast, easy, and effective, so you can enjoy cleaner, more functional drains in no time.

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What Is Hydro Jetting and How Does It Work?

Hydro jetting involves the use of high-pressure water jets to remove accumulated debris, grease, and other obstructions from the interior walls of pipes. The process restores the optimal flow of water and helps prevent future blockages by thoroughly cleaning the pipe surfaces.

The hydro jetting process begins with the insertion of a specialized nozzle connected to a high-pressure hose into the affected pipe. Water is then forced through the nozzle at a pressure ranging from 1,500 to 4,000 psi, depending on the severity of the blockage. The powerful water stream scours the inner walls of the pipe, breaking apart and flushing out any build-up, tree roots, or other obstructions. This method is particularly advantageous as it can reach areas that traditional snaking methods may not be able to access, ensuring a comprehensive cleaning of the entire pipe system.

The Benefits of Hydro Jetting Vs. Conventional Drain Cleaning

Hydro jetting and conventional drain cleaning are both methods used to clear pipe blockages. However, hydro jetting offers several advantages over conventional methods, making it a preferred choice for many plumbing professionals and homeowners.

The benefits offered by hydro jetting include:

  • Superior Cleaning Capability: Unlike snaking or rodding, hydro jetting thoroughly scours the entire inner surface of the pipe, removing accumulated debris, grease, and mineral deposits. This helps prevent future clogs and prolongs the life of the pipes.
  • Versatility: Hydro jetting is effective on various pipe materials and sizes, such as cast iron, PVC, and clay pipes. It can also tackle different types of blockages, from tree roots to stubborn grease build-up, reaching areas that conventional methods may struggle with.
  • Environmental Consciousness: Relying solely on water pressure, hydro jetting eliminates the need for harmful chemicals that can damage the environment and corrode pipes over time. This eco-conscious approach reduces the risk of damage to your plumbing system.

While hydro jetting might not be suitable in every situation, its benefits make it a popular choice for maintaining healthy and efficient drainage systems.

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How Often Should You Schedule Hydro Jetting for Maintenance?

The frequency of scheduling hydro jetting for maintenance can vary depending on several factors, including the condition of your plumbing system, your usage patterns, and your specific needs. 

Here are some general guidelines to help you determine how often you should consider hydro jetting for maintenance:

  • Usage Patterns: Consider how heavily your plumbing system is used. If you have a large household with frequent showers, laundry, and dishwashing, you may need more frequent maintenance than a single-person household.
  • Age of Pipes: Older pipes may accumulate more debris and mineral deposits over time, making them more prone to clogs. If your plumbing system has older pipes, more frequent maintenance might be necessary.
  • History of Clogs: If you've had recurring clogs or blockages in the past, it may be a sign that your plumbing system requires more frequent maintenance. Hydro jetting can help prevent future clogs.
  • Type of Debris: Consider the type of debris that commonly causes issues in your plumbing. For example, if you have a problem with tree roots infiltrating your sewer lines, you might need more frequent maintenance to keep them in check.
  • Annual Maintenance: Some homeowners opt for an annual hydro jetting service as part of their regular plumbing maintenance routine. This proactive approach can help prevent clogs and keep your pipes in good condition.
  • Professional Advice: Consulting with a licensed plumber can provide valuable insights into the specific needs of your plumbing system. A professional can assess your pipes and make recommendations based on their condition and your usage.

It's essential to note that while hydro jetting is an effective method for clearing and preventing clogs, it should be performed by experienced technicians. Attempting to hydro jet your plumbing system too frequently or without a genuine need can potentially lead to unnecessary wear and tear on your pipes. Overuse of hydro jetting can also be costly.

In summary, the ideal frequency for scheduling hydro jetting maintenance varies from one household to another. Consulting with a plumber can help you determine the best schedule for your specific situation. Regular maintenance can help prevent major plumbing issues and ensure the continued smooth operation of your plumbing system.

What are the Signs You Need Hydro Jetting?

Over time, minerals from hard water, food residue, grease, soap scum, and other similar substances can create thick layers of buildup inside your drains and pipes. This buildup can be very difficult to eliminate without harming the pipes underneath, especially with chemical cleaners.

But the high-pressure water used by our hydro jetting team can easily power through buildup without wearing down your pipes' inner walls. That’s why, if drain buildup is a problem for you, hydro jetting is the easiest way to solve it.

Signs that your drains are being affected by buildup:

  • Slow Draining Water: If water takes longer than usual to drain from your sinks, bathtubs, or showers, it could indicate a build-up of debris restricting the flow of water.
  • Frequent Clogs: Recurring blockages in your toilets, sinks, or other fixtures may signal an accumulation of debris within your pipes.
  • Unpleasant Odors: Foul smells emanating from your drains can be a sign of trapped food particles, grease, and other waste materials in your pipes.
  • Gurgling Sounds: Strange noises coming from your drains, such as gurgling or bubbling sounds, may indicate that air is trapped due to build-up and blockages.
  • Water Backup: If water backs up in your sinks, toilets, or other fixtures when using multiple plumbing appliances simultaneously, it could be a sign of obstructed pipes caused by build-up.

It’s better for you and your plumbing system to address buildup as early as possible. When you spot warning signs like the ones listed above, contact McKeown Plumbing, Inc. for prompt hydro jetting assistance.

To request an appointment with our Laguna Beach hydro jetting team, call (949) 234-6001 or reach out to us online today!

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