Do You Have a Slab Leak?


When we think of a leak, most of us conjure up an image of water spraying from beneath a sink or flowing out of the bottom of the toilet. While those situations can certainly happen, leaks aren’t always that easy to identify. The most difficult plumbing leaks to find in Laguna Beach, CA are often located under the concrete slab of a home.

Fortunately, those slab leaks aren’t impossible to detect. If you know what to look for, you could find one without the help of a professional plumber. Continue reading to learn a few of the top signs that your home has a slab leak:

  • Higher water bill: Since water is running 24/7 during a slab leak, the first thing you might notice is a sudden spike in your water bill. If you can’t think of any explanation for a higher water bill—like extra usage due to house guests—you should consider the possibility of a leak under your home.
  • Running water sounds: Unless you live near a river, you shouldn’t hear the rushing sound of running water! If you hear running water, particularly on the lower levels of your home, call a plumber right away. Your professional will be able to find and fix your slab leak in Laguna Beach, CA.
  • Hot spots: About 80 percent of slab leaks occur in the hot water line. When that piping-hot water leaks out of the line, it heats the concrete above it and eventually warms your floors. Homeowners with hardwood, tile, or linoleum will notice this sign sooner than those with carpeting.
  • Wet flooring: Regardless of your flooring, you should notice if it’s wet! Damp or wet floors are a leading sign that you have a slab leak in Laguna Beach, CA. Be sure to call a plumber to fix that leak fast, because the water can permanently warp or damage your floors.
  • Pooling water: If you don’t have wet spots inside, you might have them in the area immediately surrounding your home. After all, that water has to go somewhere, and it could flow outside. If it hasn’t rained recently and the ground is wet, call a plumber to check out your slab.
  • Bad smells: An undetected slab leak can result in mold and mildew growth below your flooring and behind the walls. All of that mildew will emit an unpleasant musty odor, and it won’t go away by simply spraying some Febreze. If something smells “off” in your home, call your plumbing contractor to search for a leak.
  • Reduced water pressure: One of the leading causes of a drop in water pressure is a slab leak. Since water is flowing out of a pipe under the slab, your faucet or showerhead can’t get the proper amount of water. If you have lower water pressure in every fixture, call a plumber to fix the slab leak.

Take care of that leak right away!

All plumbing leaks in Laguna Beach, CA should be resolved right away—the leak is only going to get worse and more expensive to fix as time goes on. Be sure to call our experienced pros at McKeown Plumbing. We offer speedy repairs, friendly service, and affordable pricing!

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