Elevate Your Bathroom This Summer

modern bathtub

We often associate summertime with beach trips, picnics with friends, and family movie nights. However, summer is also the perfect season to show some extra love to your home and invest in some much-needed upgrades!

Most days start and end with some time spent in your bathroom. Between brushing your teeth, washing your face, and getting ready for the day, you spend a large portion of your day in your bathroom, so why not create a space you truly love? These simple upgrades are sure to elevate your bathroom and turn it into one of your favorite spots in the home.

Keep Your Tub and Shower Separate

Are you team shower or team bathtub? Why choose between the two when you could have both? One of the easiest bathroom upgrades to implement is a separate bathtub and shower.

Not only an aesthetically pleasing upgrade, separating your shower and tub can also increase your home’s value, offering quite the return on investment when it’s time to sell your home. Some potential buyers may sway towards homes with bathtubs, while others are favorable to homes with showers. With both installed, you won’t have to worry about losing the interest of any potential buyers.

Suppose you’ve found your dream home and plan on staying in it for some time. In that case, separate shower and tub spaces can help improve your bathroom’s functionality and efficiency. If you and a partner share the master bathroom space, it may be worth implementing both a tub and shower to allow both of you to start your daily routines without waiting for the other.

Refresh Bathroom Fixtures

Is it really a bathroom upgrade without fresh new fixtures to go along with it? Your bathroom fixtures such as your faucet or showerhead are used daily, subjecting them to everyday wear and tear. Your fixtures may need to be replaced if you notice constant dripping or a rusted appearance.

If your fixtures seem to be working fine, but they don’t fit in with your bathroom’s aesthetic, don’t be afraid to replace them! Your home’s decor and style evolves over the years, and a simple faucet swap can be just the thing to give your bathroom the unique design flair it deserves.

Storage, Storage, Storage!

It can seem like no matter how large your bathroom is, there’s simply never enough storage space. With endless hair styling tools, personal care products, and cleaning supplies, your bathroom’s storage space is most likely packed to the brim.

Not to worry, there are plenty of storage solutions available that will allow you to maximize your bathroom space. Whether you decide to invest in some additional bathroom cabinets, add some shelves, or purchase organizers, your bathroom clutter will be no more!

Pro tip: The space above the toilet is often left empty and provides the perfect location for additional storage shelves. Keep extra toilet paper, beauty favorites, or your favorite hand towels here for easy access and maximized storage space.

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

Many of our days start off by heading to the bathroom to brush our teeth in front of the mirror. It is a helpful tool for applying makeup, styling hair, and checking our outfits. The mirror is an essential component of every home bathroom, so why not prioritize it?

A simple mirror swap can change the entire look of a room. Whether you’re going for modern-minimalist or farmhouse-chic, your mirror can make a significant statement in your bathroom design. Don’t be afraid to look into different finishes, shapes, and sizes that will complement your tranquil oasis.

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