Water Control Systems That Detect Leaks


If your home suffers water damage, you could be facing thousands of dollars in expenses. Add to that the hassle of repairs and renovations, and you have a disastrous event that significantly impacts your budget and your day-to-day life. To avoid these situations, you may want to consider water control systems in Newport Coast, CA.

These systems tell you how to find a water leak in your house or alert you to a leak so you can take immediate action before damage occurs. To protect your property, consider the use of one or more of the following features of water control systems.

Automatic Shutoff

This type of device will stop the flow of water in your home as soon as a leak is detected. It will provide some type of alert, such as an alarm, then shut off your home’s water supply. While this may sound like a drastic measure, it can be well worth it to prevent costly damage to your property and possessions.

Water Level Monitoring

A water level monitoring system can include a tank, level sensor, and an actuator to control inflow. If you choose a water control system in Newport Coast, CA that includes a level monitoring system, it may have these or even more parts that allow you to identify pressure changes. This type of monitoring system gives you time to take action before the pressure reaches a critical level and a burst pipe causes serious damage.

Mobile Alerts

As you choose a device or system that helps you know how to find a water leak in your house in Newport Coast, CA, be sure to look for one that can provide mobile alerts. You will use an app to allow the system to send you remote alerts of any issues with your home’s water. After all, if you aren’t home, an audible alarm will not do much good to let you know a pipe is leaking. The mobile alert will notify you of any issues, whether you are at home, at work or away on vacation. You can then send someone to your property to correct the issue, rather than discover a disaster when you arrive home.

Battery Power

Many water control systems in Newport Coast, CA are powered by a battery. This is a nice feature to have so power outages don’t affect your alerts and controls. Look for a device that offers long battery life. Some systems feature batteries that last up to a decade. You’ll also want the device to alert you when the battery needs to be replaced.

Stay Safe And Dry

For more information on how to find a water leak in your house in Newport Coast, CA or how to select the best water control systems for your needs, contact the team at McKeown Plumbing. We have the knowledge and experience to solve the toughest water and sewer problems. Our experts can help you prevent future property damage and keep you safe and dry. Call us today for all of your plumbing needs—reach our experienced professionals at 949-497-1108 to learn more!

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