New Technology In Garbage Disposals


If you’re looking for the best garbage disposal of 2020 in Pelican Hill, CA, look for the following features. You might be surprised at the latest developments in garbage disposal technology. These appliances are becoming more convenient and efficient than ever. Here are some of the latest features that use modern technology to get the greatest results from garbage disposals:

  • Continuous feed: With this feature, you can keep the garbage disposal running as you add more food waste. This makes using this disposal simple and convenient.
  • Stainless steel grinding chamber: For any appliance, you want components that can stand the test of time. The use of stainless steel creates a grinding chamber that is strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant.
  • Sound insulation: How many times have you had to pause kitchen conversation in order to run the garbage disposal? No one wants to listen to loud garbage disposal as it grinds away the waste. The latest sound-seal technology reduces the noise level. In fact, some models are so quiet it’s difficult to detect their operation.
  • Anti-vibration: In addition to noise, many garbage disposals cause annoying vibrations. These can be strong enough to rattle dishes and spill drinks on nearby counters. However, many of today’s garbage disposals offer an anti-vibration sink mount that reduces these effects.
  • Multi-stage grinding: This technology assists with the breaking down of food. Even large chunks can be tossed down the drain when disposal offers three-stage multi-grind technology that effectively and efficiently breaks down substantial amounts of food.
  • Auto-reverse: If food becomes stuck in the garbage disposal, this feature helps release the pieces and clear the clog.
  • Jam sensor: With this garbage disposal technology in Pelican Hill, CA, you don’t have to wonder if food has become lodged in the garbage disposal. It will automatically sense an issue to avoid damage.
  • Magnetic stopper: This technology eliminates the need for a wall switch. To operate the garbage disposal, simply insert the magnetic stopper in the sink. The disposal will only operate when this stopper is in place, adding safety and convenience to your appliance.
  • Removable guard: Have you ever dropped something down the disposal that you didn’t mean to put in the drain? Spoons, rings, bottle caps, and more often fall down the drain. With a removable guard, the entire guard can be lifted out of the sink, so you can see into the opening to reach items and extract them (and not worry about reaching your hand into a dark space near sharp blades that you can’t see).

For more information on the best garbage disposal of 2020 in Pelican Hill, CA, and the best features to watch for in these appliances, contact McKeown Plumbing. Our team is here to help with all your plumbing needs. We are equipped with the knowledge and skill to solve the toughest water and sewer problems for our customers. Serving the area since 1975, our professionals know how to get the job done right. Reach out to us today for expert input on your appliance purchase and to arrange for professional installation of your next garbage disposal.

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