Do I Really Need Backflow Testing?


As a property owner, you have many systems and structures to maintain. With so much to take care of, you may wish you didn’t have to worry about backflow testing. You may even ask whether backflow testing is needed in Laguna Beach, CA.

The answer is yes. Here’s why.

What Is A Backflow System?

This assembly prevents siphoning. If siphoning in your water supply occurs, contaminants may travel into your drinking water.

What Is Backflow Testing?

The backflow testing process tests your plumbing to ensure dirty water does not infiltrate the drinking water supply. This can happen if the system loses pressure. This test can be done during a standard plumbing inspection. It's very important to have this done during your next inspection to ensure your home has clean drinking water.

Why Would My System Lose Pressure?

Water systems encounter situations almost daily that can cause the pipes to lose pressure. Reasons include pump failures, system modifications, fire extinguishing, line breaks, and system maintenance. Something as simple as a fluctuation in pressure can cause backward siphoning, which can contaminate your drinking water.

Who Requires Backflow Testing?

The State Department of Health has determined that backflow testing is needed in Laguna Beach, CA. This department requires backflow testing to protect public drinking water.

Does The Water Department Make Money From Backflow Testing?

Some property owners suspect that this testing is only required as a money-maker for municipalities. However, local water districts actually have to spend money to ensure the water quality is safe for the local population.

Why Is Backflow Testing Required?

The purpose of a backflow system is to protect the quality of drinking water. However, it will not effectively do so if no one ensures that the system is working properly. Therefore, the Department of Health requires that a backflow system is in place and that this system is tested regularly.

How Often Is Backflow Testing Needed In Laguna Beach, CA?

The State Department of Health requires that these tests be completed annually. This ongoing maintenance will ensure the system remains operable and continues to effectively protect the local drinking water.

Are Some Systems More At Risk Than Others?

While all backflow systems are important, some areas are more hazardous than others. These settings often require high-hazard backflow assemblies to provide additional protection. At-risk applications include medical buildings, industrial complexes, and restaurant soda machines. 

Who Should I Contact When Backflow Testing Is Needed In Laguna Beach, CA?

You should always partner with a trusted professional for backflow testing. Look for an experienced company that is familiar with a wide range of plumbing systems. You want to hire someone who can not only test your system but assist you with any problems that arise and make the best recommendations to avoid future repairs or safety issues.

Get More Answers

If you’re wondering whether backflow testing is needed in Laguna Beach, CA, contact the pros at McKeown Plumbing. Our experienced team can solve the toughest water and sewer problems. Our tradesmen are trained to find the real problem and offer customers a range of options. Reach us today at (949) 234-6001 with any questions about your backflow system or to schedule your next test.

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